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Monday, January 18, 2016

Definitions for aeonian

  1. eternal; everlasting.

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Citations for aeonian
It was the caverns drinking from the tempest overhead, the grasses growing under the snow, the stars making music with the dark, the streams filling the night with the sounds the day had quenched, the whispering call of the dreams left behind in 'the fields of sleep,'--in a word, the central life pulsing in aeonian peace through the outer ephemeral storms. George MacDonald, Robert Falconer, 1868
“I would suggest,” he once wrote, “that the whole matter of imaginative literature depends upon this faculty of seeing the universe, from the aeonian pebble of the wayside to the raw suburban street, as something new, unheard of, marvellous, finally miraculous.” Tim Martin, "The Alphabet Library: F is for Far Off Things, by Arthur Machen," Telegraph, March 31, 2014
Origin of aeonian
Aeonian can be traced to the Greek word aiṓn meaning "space of time, age."