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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Definitions for kerflooey

  1. Informal. to cease functioning, especially suddenly and completely; fall apart; fail: As soon as the storm hit, every light in town went kerflooey.

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Citations for kerflooey
When firemen in Wenatchee, Wash., were testing a new machine which disgorges mountains of detergent foam to smother flames, something went kerflooey. Instead of billowing up behind the firehouse as it was supposed to do, the foam came cascading into the station itself. , "Cloud Nine in the Firehouse," Life, January 29, 1965
It's the accretion of them that wears her down and the fear that someday she'll be rendered inoperable, like the stove she once used, even after the right burner went out, and the timer broke, and the self-cleaning element went kerflooey. Miriam Karmel, Being Esther, 2013
Origin of kerflooey
Kerflooey is formed from the slang term flooey meaning "amiss or awry," and the prefix ker-, which is used in formation of onomatopoeic and other expressive words, usually forming adverbs or interjections.
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