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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Definitions for rabble-rouser

  1. a person who stirs up the passions or prejudices of the public, usually for his or her own interests; demagogue.

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Citations for rabble-rouser
She used every emotional trick of the rabble-rouser to whip them up into frenzies, made them drunk on emotion, created a scene of back-pounding, shouting, jittering maniacs. Mark Clifton, "What Now, Little Man?" The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1959
He is not the rabble rouser but the persuader, the man who gives the reasons. Robert Penn Warren, "Divided South Searches Its Soul," Life, July 9, 1956
Origin of rabble-rouser
Rabble-rouser is a compound term formed from rabble meaning "a disorderly crowd; mob" and rouse meaning "to stir or incite." It entered English in the mid-1800s.