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Monday, March 07, 2016

Definitions for autoschediasm

  1. something that is improvised or extemporized.

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Citations for autoschediasm
It is of course possible that Eur. indulges in autoschediasm … and freely invents the monument, but more likely he conveys a contemporary tradition which, for whatever reason, Aristodemus could not verify in his day … Donald J. Mastronarde, "Commentary" in Phoenissae by Euripides, 1994
As a specimen of Greek trickery this does not strike us as very inspired; only an imbecile would have been taken in by it. I suspect that it is an autoschediasm of Pherecydes', and that the pad was suggested to him by that metope of the temple of Zeus at Olympia … M. L. West, "The Prometheus Trilogy," Hellenica; Volume II: Lyric and Drama, 2013
Origin of autoschediasm
Autoschediasm can ultimately be traced back to the Greek terms autós meaning "self" and schédios meaning "near, casual, offhand." It entered English in the mid-1800s.