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Friday, March 11, 2016

Definitions for psittacism

  1. mechanical, repetitive, and meaningless speech.

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Citations for psittacism
The other usage is that of "right" as a ubiquitous tag to all manner of statements that do not require it. I know it is also so commonplace among the young that it may be dangerous to see more in it than a mere psittacism--a mindless parroting. John Fowles, The Ebony Tower, 1974
… Jaques, his captain's repeater, should be the last to speak of his present master's psittacism. Walter Redfern, French Laughter: Literary Humor from Diderot to Tournier, 2008
Origin of psittacism
Psittacism comes from the Latin word for "parrot," psittacus. It gained traction in English in the late 1800s.