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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Definitions for affinal

  1. related by or concerning marriage.

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Citations for affinal
While the propertied class had a wider knowledge of kin than the lower classes because they had the leisure to pursue relationships, family connections--both consanguineal and affinal, by blood and marriage--were stressed across the social hierarchy. Fanny Burney, Evelina, 1778
These eight kinds of virtuous conduct are filiality, brotherly love, cordiality with agnatic kin, good relations with affinal kin, trustworthiness with friends, kindness toward neighbors, loyalty to the ruler, and judiciousness in differentiating the right from the profitable. Anonymous, translated by David Tod Roy, The Plum in the Golden Vase; or, Chin P'ing Mei, Volume 3, 2006
Origin of affinal
Affinal shares a root with the word affinity in the Latin term affīnis meaning "a relative." It entered English around 1600.
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