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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Definitions for kenspeckle

  1. Scot. and North England. conspicuous; easily seen or recognized.

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Citations for kenspeckle
I have purposely made the clothing somewhat kenspeckle, that the men may notice it and pay less heed to the face. John Buchan, A Lost Lady of Old Years, 1899
The servant lasses went freely out (on their errands) at night, and at late hours, for their mistresses, without the protection of lanterns, by which they were enabled to gallant in a way that never could have before happened: for lanterns are kenspeckle commodities, and of course a check on every kind of gavaulling. John Galt, The Provost, 1822
Origin of kenspeckle
Kenspeckle is of uncertain origin, though it is comparable to the Norwegian term kjennespak meaning "quick at recognizing, literally, know-clever." It entered English in the early 1700s.