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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Definitions for sophrosyne

  1. moderation; discretion; prudence.

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Citations for sophrosyne
So why do we continue to set ourselves the Herculean task of total self-denial, abnegation and avoidance instead of practising that other ancient Greek model of sophrosyne--temperance, prudence and self-control? Why cut out when we can simply cut down? Nell Frizzell, "Why moderation is good for us: Do our vices need to be such an all-or-nothing affair?" Independent, December 14, 2015
They praised the right mean between extravagant extremes, and, of virtues and vices, emphasized the vice of arrogant boastfulness (hubris) which led kings like Xerxes to assume the attributes and lay claim to the qualities that belong only to the gods, and the virtue of self-control (sophrosyne) which kept a man within the limits of good conduct. Arnold Wycombe Gomme, Mr. Wells as Historian, 1921
Origin of sophrosyne
Sophrosyne stems from the Greek sṓphrōn meaning "prudent." It entered English in the late 1800s.