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Friday, April 01, 2016

Definitions for ninnyhammer

  1. a fool or simpleton; ninny.

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Citations for ninnyhammer
One can easily imagine the tortures of a woman tied for life to a ninny-hammer who is obsessed with the idea that he is a wit, though he is merely a stereotyped repeater of silly stories. Frank J. Wilstach, "The Blight of the Amateur Monologist," New York Times, December 3, 1922
By noon, two hundred mooncalfs, softheads, boobies, ninnyhammers, noodleheads, gawkies, and assorted oafs and thickwits would doubtless be lined up at the address given, ready to turn over all their worldlies for the rare privilege of sitting at the feet of some guru pregnant with the news that all will be well if everyone will just turn around and give his neighbor a big hug. Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, 1992
Origin of ninnyhammer
Ninnyhammer entered English in the late 1500s. Its first element, ninny, meaning "a fool or simpleton," may be a pet form of the proper name Innocent.