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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Definitions for majuscule

  1. large, as either capital or uncial letters.
  2. (of letters) capital.
  3. written in such letters (opposed to minuscule).

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Citations for majuscule
Within literary texts, the next major division is between majuscule ("capital") and minuscule (small) letters. David M. Schaps, Handbook for Classical Research, 2011
When around 800 CE new cultural movements arose in the Byzantine world and the ancient and monumental majuscule scripts for book production, now regarded as slow and tiring in execution, began to disappear, it is the chancery stylization of the Byzantine cursive that, stripped of its most bureaucratic elements (e.g., its swirls and excessive elongation of hastas) is promoted to become also a book handwriting, thus turning into the normal Byzantine Greek minuscule. Guglielmo Cavallo, "Greek and Latin Writing in the Papyri," The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology, edited by Roger S. Bagnall, 2009
Origin of majuscule
Majuscule entered English in the early 1700s with roots in the Latin majuscula littera meaning "a somewhat bigger letter." Ultimately it derives from the Latin major, "major."