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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Definitions for endemic

  1. natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous: endemic folkways; countries where high unemployment is endemic.
  2. belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place: a fever endemic to the tropics.
  3. an endemic disease.

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Citations for endemic
In the startup world, endemic optimism is amplified by other factors. The ease of developing a product and getting seed money gives entrepreneurs a lot of positive feedback early on. James Surowiecki, "Epic Fails of the Startup World," The New Yorker, May 19, 2014
Although in oceanic islands the number of kinds of inhabitants is scanty, the proportion of endemic species (i.e. those found nowhere else in the world) is often extremely large. Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, 1859
Origin of endemic
Endemic stems from the New Latin endēmicus, which in turn is formed on the basis of the Greek dêmos meaning "people." It entered English in the mid-1600s.