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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Definitions for tulipomania

  1. (in 17th-century Holland) a widespread obsession with tulips, especially of highly prized varieties, as those of a streaked, variegated, or unusual color.

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Citations for tulipomania
An extravagant passion for collecting flowers, and which obtained the name of tulipomania, or tulip madness, is said to have become, not many years ago, the subject of a restrictive law in one of the most frugal countries in Europe. James Marriott, "On the genteel mania," October 21, 1756, The World, Vol. 4, 1794
If business and commerce in the Dutch golden age conjure up any image for most people today, it is that of the trade in paintings, which were regarded mostly as aesthetically pleasing commodities rather than objects of art, or of the tulipomania, the crazed tulip market of the 1630s, which was so recently mirrored in our own dotcom bubble. David Liss, "Historical Note," The Coffee Trader, 2003
Origin of tulipomania
Tulipomania is formed from tulip, which derives from the Turkish word tülbent meaning "turban" (for the flower's likeness), and the combining form -mania, which is used to indicate extreme and transient enthusiasm for that specified by the initial element. It entered English around 1700.