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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Definitions for cunctator

  1. a procrastinator; delayer.

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Citations for cunctator
"Are you ready?" "Yes, I am!" Gorik would answer, even if he wasn't quite ready, which happened often, since he was a sleepyhead and a "cunctator," that is, a "procrastinator," as his father said. Yury Trifonov, translated by David Lowe, Disappearance, 1991
Bolingbroke is also a skillful cunctator. But when York enters, the comedy is over. Agnes Heller, The Time Is Out of Joint: Shakespeare as Philosopher of History, 2002
Origin of cunctator
Cunctator stems from the Latin verb cunctārī meaning "to delay." The term is sometimes used in reference to the Roman statesman and military commander Fabius Maximus, who employed delaying tactics in the Second Punic War. Cunctator entered English in the mid-1600s.