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Monday, May 16, 2016

Definitions for botryoidal

  1. Mineralogy. having the form of a bunch of grapes: botryoidal hematite.

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Citations for botryoidal
After I spent enough time touching and moving around the most fascinating stones (botryoidal limonites, that is, resembling bunches of grapes, drab pitch-black or brown uranites, inflatable vermiculites that scale away and buckle when exposed to heat, milk white nephrites with the same name as the disease ...), often I would leave for the entire afternoon ... Michel Butor, translated by Dominic Di Bernardi, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape, 1995
He has a face of that rubicund, knobby type I have heard an indignant mineralogist speak of as botryoidal, and about it waves of a quantity of disorderly blond hair. H. G. Wells, A Modern Utopia, 1905
Origin of botryoidal
Botryoidal stems from the Greek term for a bunch of grapes, bótrys. It entered English in the early 1800s.