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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Definitions for hypnagogic

  1. of or relating to drowsiness.
  2. inducing drowsiness.

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Citations for hypnagogic
I was tired; I think I had fallen into that half-waking state which psychologists call hypnagogic; what I was chiefly aware of as I walked was a series of mental images of unusual vividness. Michael Innes, There Came Both Mist and Snow, 1940
Four years before Time took notice of him, he [Carl Sagan] roused 10 million or so Americans out of their hypnagogic stupor early one morning on the "Tonight" show. Stuart Baur, "Kneedeep in the Cosmic Overwhelm with Carl Sagan," New York, September 1, 1975
Origin of hypnagogic
Hypnagogic stems from the Greek terms hypnos meaning "sleep" and agogos meaning "leading." It entered English in the late 1880s.