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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Definitions for zoogenic

  1. produced or caused by animals.
  2. pertaining or related to animal development or evolution.

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Citations for zoogenic
Phytogenic erosion includes soil destruction caused by roots. ... Zoogenic erosion is [a] different situation in which animals destroy the soil when searching for food, moving ..., or excavating their hiding places on the surface and under the ground. Dusan Zacahr, Soil Erosion, 1982
Thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, before man was born, the foundations of his empire were laid in the zoögenic associations of the humblest forms of conscious life. Franklin Henry Giddings, The Principles of Sociology, 1896
Origin of zoogenic
Zoogenic entered English in the late 1800s. The combining form zoo- comes from the Greek zôion meaning "animal."