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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Definitions for overslaugh

  1. to pass over or disregard (a person) by giving a promotion, position, etc., to another instead.

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Citations for overslaugh
… General Stark, a former British officer who had been overslaughed for promotion and now took handsome revenge … Robert Graves, Sergeant Lamb's America, 1940
And didn't he himself sit down on the bench as one of the five added judges, who were to overslaugh the four old ones--getting his name of "Judge" in that way and no other? , Abraham Lincoln in debate with Stephen Douglas, “Sixth Joint Debate, at Quincy,” October 13, 1858
Origin of overslaugh
Overslaugh stems from the Dutch overslaan, with slaan meaning "to strike." It entered English in the mid-1700s.