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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Definitions for tohubohu

  1. chaos; disorder; confusion.

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Citations for tohubohu
Learn this: joy is not merely joyful; it is great. So be lovers gaily then, the devil! and marry, when you do marry, with the fever and the dizziness and the uproar and the tohubohu of happiness. Victor Hugo, translated by Charles E. Wilbour, Les Misérables, 1862
Located in the rampant tohubohu of West 72nd Street, this hospitable establishment is something of a poor man's Elaine's, a refuge for writers, itinerant actors, and generally entertaining entertainers--people who like Rolling Rock with their Rolling Stone. Justine DeLacy, "You're in Good Hands," New York, February 12, 42229
Origin of tohubohu
Tohubohu from the Hebrew tōhū wā-bhōhū, a phrase used to describe the world before God said "Let there be light" in the book of Genesis. It has been translated as "formless and empty."