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Monday, June 27, 2016

Definitions for transmogrify

  1. to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.

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Citations for transmogrify
How strangely can that miscreant enchanter, who is my enemy, transmogrify things to thwart me? Know, Sancho, that it is a very easy matter for necromancers to make us assume what shapes they please; and the malicious wretch who persecutes me, envying the glory I should have gained in this battle, hath doubtless metamorphosed the squadrons of the foe, into flocks of sheep … Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), translated by Tobias Smollett, Don Quixote, 1755
I loved my boyfriend so tenderly, I thought I must transmogrify into vapor. It would take spectroscopic analysis to locate my molecules in thin air. Annie Dillard, An American Childhood, 1987
Origin of transmogrify
Transmogrify is of uncertain origin. It came into popular usage in the mid-1600s.