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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Definitions for automagical

  1. (of a usually complicated technical or computer process) done, operating, or happening in a way that is hidden from or not understood by the user, and in that sense, apparently “magical”: I just downloaded an automagical update to my word processing software that somehow fixed the problems.

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Citations for automagical
According to Sterling, the result "is that I no longer inventory my possessions inside my own head. They're inventoried through an automagical inventory voodoo, work done far beneath my notice by a host of machines. I no longer bother to remember where I put things." Marcus Boon, In Praise of Copying, 2010
The scientific community calls this approach "automagical" … The manufacturer wants us to believe in--and trust--the magic. Even when things work well, it is somewhat discomforting to have no idea of how or why. Donald A. Norman, The Design of Future Things, 2007
Origin of automagical
Automagical entered English in the 1980s. Its first element, auto, stems from the Greek autómatos meaning "self-moving"; magical can be traced to the Greek magikós.