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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Definitions for velleity

  1. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.
  2. volition in its weakest form.

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Citations for velleity
I wanted to believe Ed was free of contradictions, I wanted to believe in his massive stolidity as in a state towards which I could slumber halfheartedly should the velleity arise. Michael Brodsky, Detour, 2003
The ease of her words, the control of them, was meant to convey to Compton that her wish to know of her real parents was hardly more than a velleity, a thought that would come to one while watering a plant or peeling an orange. Thomas Savage, I Heard My Sister Speak my Name, 1977
Origin of velleity
Velleity came to English from the New Latin velleitās, which ultimately finds its roots in the Latin velle meaning "to wish." It entered English in the early 1600s.