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Friday, July 15, 2016

Definitions for animadversion

  1. an unfavorable or censorious comment: to make animadversions on someone's conduct.
  2. the act of criticizing.

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Citations for animadversion
All sorts of animadversions have been thrust at the business man. We discover now, for instance, that in a group of occupational classes composed of professional, clerical, skilled labor, semi-skilled labor, business, and unskilled labor, business men know less about their schools than any class save unskilled labor, and but little more than that class. Calvin T. Ryan, "The Business Man and the Schools," The Rotarian, October 1929
"No, you must act a subtle role, Admiral," says Bird. "By all means, throw out the odd animadversion on her neglect of you and the children, but do nothing to thwart her meeting her paramour." Emma Donoghue, The Sealed Letter, 2008
Origin of animadversion
Animadversion can be traced to the Latin animadvertere "to heed, censure" with the root animus meaning "mind, spirit, courage, passion, wrath." It entered English in the mid-1500s.