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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Definitions for pantechnicon

  1. British. a furniture van; moving van. Also called pantechnicon van.

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Citations for pantechnicon
On the day that the pantechnicon came, which was shortly before Easter at the beginning of April, I sat by the first fire to burn in the barn while George and Tom put the books on the shelves in the places I indicated. Jane Duncan, My Friends George and Tom, 1976
Demon pantechnicon driver, busy with removal of old world into new quarters. In his steel net of impeccable technique he has lately caught Li Po. Wyndham Lewis on Ezra Pound, Blast, No. 2, July 1915
Origin of pantechnicon
Pantechnicon can be traced to the Greek pân meaning "everything" and technikón meaning "artistic, skillful." It entered English in the 1830s as the name of a London bazaar that eventually came to be used as a furniture warehouse, thus giving rise to the "furniture van" sense of the term.