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Friday, July 29, 2016

Definitions for skylark

  1. to frolic; sport: The children were skylarking on the beach.
  2. a brown-speckled European lark, Alauda arvensis, famed for its melodious song.

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Citations for skylark
They began to skylark; to play with the sacred lights; to giggle when Carol was trying to make the sentimental Myrtle Cass into a humorous office-boy; to act everything but "The Girl from Kankakee." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street, 1920
Jimmie and he had been wont to skylark a bit in the old days, as young male creatures do, putting up their fists, giving one another a punch or two, making as if they were going to batter in one another's noses. Upton Sinclair, Jimmie Higgins, 1919
Origin of skylark
Skylark entered English in the late 1600s as the name for a bird known for its in-flight singing. The verb sense is first attested in the early 1800s.