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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Definitions for Fletcherize

  1. to chew (food) slowly and thoroughly.

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Citations for Fletcherize
... don't choke down your food. Eat slowly. Fletcherize--chew your food, you know. I know you're nearly famished, but you must gradually accustom yourself to a proper diet. L. Frank Baum, Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West, 1914
Maybe you don't know about Fletcherizing, and you ought to be thankful you don't, but you can't Fletcherize a gizzard, not if you chew all night, and if there's breast enough everybody, I think he'd better have that. Kate Langley Bosher, The Man in Lonely Land, 1913
Origin of Fletcherize
Fletcherize is the verb form of Fletcherism, "the practice of chewing food until it is reduced to a finely divided, liquefied mass." The method gets its name from U.S. nutritionist Horace Fletcher. Both the verb and noun entered English in the early 1900s.