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Friday, August 05, 2016

Definitions for cosmopolis

  1. an internationally important city inhabited by many different peoples reflecting a great variety of cultures, attitudes, etc.

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Citations for cosmopolis
The streets--with their pearly awnings and gay bustle of hats and parasols--were all a-shimmer in the heat, and swarming with "foreigners," with the result that Glasgow had assumed the air of a cosmopolis, resembling, perhaps, Seville, Paris or even Naples, on a fête day. Jane Harris, Gillespie and I, 2011
Yet this was also the era that gave us the cosmopolis, the dazzling hub of industrial and imperial prosperity, a place designed to be not only a home to its citizens but also a host to the rest of the world. Herbert Muschamp, "Worldly Cities of Iron (and Angels)," New York Times, March 27, 1994
Origin of cosmopolis
Cosmopolis is modeled on the word metropolis. Its first element, cosmo-, stems from the Greek kósmos meaning "world, universe," and its second element, -polis stems from the Greek pólis, "city-state."