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Monday, August 15, 2016

Definitions for whigmaleerie

  1. a whim; notion.
  2. a whimsical or fanciful ornament or contrivance; gimmick.

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Citations for whigmaleerie
It tells the weird story of the Holroyds, a fun-loving family of witches and wizards who speak half-hollowly and give free reign to their every whimsical whigmaleerie. , "Bewitching Tale About Witches," Life, November 24, 1958
His art is a hacqueton to soften the world's blows; hyratory though his phonate onslaught be, it is no whigmaleerie. Elmer Roessner, "How to Talk Double Talk," Esquire, January 1940
Origin of whigmaleerie
Whigmaleerie is a Scots term of uncertain origin. It is first attested in the 1700s.