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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Definitions for honorific

  1. a title or term of respect.
  2. (in certain languages, as Chinese and Japanese) a class of forms used to show respect, especially in direct address.
  3. Also, honorifical. doing or conferring honor.

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Citations for honorific
In some quarters, recognition of Ms. was slow in coming. The New York Times waited until 1986 to announce that it would embrace the use of Ms. as an honorific alongside Miss and Mrs. Ben Zimmer, "Ms.," New York Times, October 23, 2009
In response to her articles, then, Alma sometimes received letters from botanists around the world, sent to her in care of George Hawkes's print shop. . . . One quite memorable missive even came addressed to "Dr. A. Whittaker." (Alma kept that letter for a long time, tickled by the unexpected honorific.) Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things, 2013
Origin of honorific
Honorific entered English from the Latin honōrificus meaning "honor-making."