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Friday, August 19, 2016

Definitions for mesmerism

  1. a compelling attraction; fascination.
  2. hypnosis as induced, according to F. A. Mesmer, through animal magnetism.
  3. hypnotism.

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Citations for mesmerism
There's a spell about the hand-organ and a mesmerism about spinning round and round that no youngster can resist. , "An Itinerant Merry-Go-Round in New York City," The Outlook, Volume 132, September–December, 1922
You remember the smell of the tablecloth on which the book rests; you look at the clock and it is only five minutes from eternity; you count the objects on the mantelpiece because the sound of numbers is a totally new sound in your mouth, because everything new and old, or touched and forgotten, is a fire and a mesmerism. Henry Miller, Black Spring, 1936
Origin of mesmerism
Mesmerism is an eponym formed on the basis of Austrian physician Friedrich Anton Mesmer, who popularized the notion of inducing a hypnotic state by animal magnetism. It entered English in the late 1700s.