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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Definitions for mirabilia

  1. Latin. marvels; miracles.

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Citations for mirabilia
... I shall like still better to sing it with you when we meet. That that is to be so soon, and under circumstances joyful, are among the mirabilia of this changing world. To see and re-see such a cluster of not indifferent persons as the programme for the wedding gives, will be almost too large a bonne-bouche. , George Eliot to Sara Hennell, September 16, 1843, in George Eliot's Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals, 1885
The legends of a later time abandoned political implications and made of Alexander a supernatural hero and a wizard to whom all the conceivable mirabilia could be ascribed. George Sarton, Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece, 1952
Origin of mirabilia
Mirabilia entered English in the early 1800s from Latin.