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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Definitions for peradventure

  1. chance, doubt, or uncertainty.
  2. surmise.
  3. Archaic. it may be; maybe; possibly; perhaps.

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Citations for peradventure
It must demonstrate beyond peradventure that it exists only to aid and assist the onward march and progress of all worthy causes ... Stewart C. McFarland, "Will Rotary Survive?" The Rotarian, April 1921
Well, as luck would have it, he stumbled on the missing link in the process which poor Sprenger had been searching for ... and proved it beyond a peradventure on the very night when Bronson Jane had dined in Kensington Palace Gardens. John Buchan, The Gap in the Curtain, 1932
Origin of peradventure
Peradventure is related to the Old French term par aventure meaning "by chance." It entered English as an adverb around the year 1300.
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