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Friday, September 02, 2016

Definitions for gaposis

  1. Facetious. a noticeable gap or series of gaps, as between the fastened buttons or snaps on an overly tight garment.

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Citations for gaposis
For years metal-zipper industries have been spending thousands of dollars educating the public in the horror and neurosis attendant on "Gap-osis"--bulging lags between fastenings. , "Manufacturers Design Zipperless Fashions," Life, December 15, 1941
Modern styles in fashion clearly were not the best attire for a giant afflicted with that rare disease--gaposis--where nothing fits right. Charles Johnson, Middle Passage, 1990
Origin of gaposis
Gaposis is a humorous coinage from the 1940s. The suffix -osis occurs in nouns that denote actions, conditions, or states, especially disorders or abnormal states.