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Friday, September 09, 2016

Definitions for lucida

  1. Astronomy. the brightest star in a constellation.

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Citations for lucida
... if we pass across the Milky Way in the opposite direction, we arrive at Deneb, the lucida of Cygnus; and beyond the Swan, a little out of the Milky Way, is Vega, the bright star in the Lyre. George Frederick Chambers, A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, 1861
The southern Hound, Chara, marked by the lucida of the constellation, Cor Caroli, rises in November, culminates in April, and sets in September. William Arthur Darby, The Astronomical Observer, 1864
Origin of lucida
Lucida is from the full phrase in Latin stella lūcida meaning "bright star." Lucida can be traced to the Latin verb lūcēre meaning "to shine," which itself comes from lux, a noun meaning "light." Lucida entered English in the 1700s.
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