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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Definitions for dabster

  1. Slang. an expert.
  2. Informal. a person who works in a superficial or clumsy manner; dabbler.

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Citations for dabster
There was no getting away from it, when it came to making something out of nothing Archie was a dabster, and absolute dabster! R. F. Delderfield, The Avenue Goes to War, 1958
He began by informing himself on all the technicalities of tea-rooms. ... He became a dabster at tucking paper napkins into his neat little waistcoat without tearing them. Sinclair Lewis, The Innocents: A Story for Lovers, 1917
Origin of dabster
Dabster is a variation on dab (sometimes dab hand) meaning "a person skilled in something; an expert." It entered English in the early 1700s.