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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Definitions for chimerical

  1. wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic: a chimerical plan.
  2. unreal; imaginary; visionary: a chimerical terrestrial paradise.

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Citations for chimerical
I don't need to tell you that writers sometimes get ideas which practical-minded individuals regard as chimerical. Henry Miller, Nexus, 1960
Current knowledge of these myths is mostly derived from such fairy-story versions as Kingsley's Heroes and Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales; and at first sight this does not seem to matter much, because of the last two thousand years it has been the fashion to dismiss the myths as bizarre and chimerical fancies, a charming legacy from the childhood of the Greek intelligence ... Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, Volume One, 1955
Origin of chimerical
Chimerical is formed from Chimera, the name of a fire-breathing creature from Greek mythology that is part goat, part lion, and part serpent. The Greek term chímaira means "she-goat." Chimerical entered English in the 1630s.