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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Definitions for circumbendibus

  1. Informal. a roundabout way; circumlocution.

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Citations for circumbendibus
It took what that literal fellow, Captain Lawton, calls a circumbendibus, a route never taken by the swords of his men, notwithstanding the multiplied pains I have been at to teach him how to cut scientifically. James Fenimore Cooper, The Spy, 1821
... I shall content myself with borrowing a single incident from the memorable hunting at Lude ... and so proceed in my story with all the brevity that my natural style of composition, partaking of what scholars call the periphrastic and ambagitory, and the vulgar and circumbendibus, will permit me. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley, 1814
Origin of circumbendibus
Circumbendibus blends the prefix circum- meaning "round about, around" with the noun bend and the Latin plural ending -ibus. It is a humorous formation that arose in the late 1600s.