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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Definitions for eristic

  1. Also, eristical. pertaining to controversy or disputation; controversial.
  2. a person who engages in disputation; controversialist.
  3. the art of disputation.

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Citations for eristic
Does free speech tend to move toward the truth or away from it? When does it evolve into a better collective understanding? When does it collapse into the Babel of trolling, the pointless and eristic game of talking the other guy into crying “uncle”? Mattathias Schwartz, "The Trolls Among Us," New York Times, August 3, 2008
Aristotle, in his book on fallacies ... compared eristic argumentation to cheating in sports where a participant in an athletic context is bent on victory at all costs. Douglas Walton, Appeal to Popular Opinion, 1999
Origin of eristic
Eristic can be traced to the Greek adjective eristikós meaning "fond of wrangling" and further to the Greek noun éris meaning "discord." It entered English in the 1630s.