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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Definitions for mavourneen

  1. Irish English. darling; dear.

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Citations for mavourneen
I love you, mavourneen, I love you as no one ever loved you before. E. M. Dell, "The Honourable Burford," The Novel Magazine, April–September 1906
He fell in love with John McCormack's angelic tenor; it captivated Ira to the point of memorizing every song McCormack sang--and reproducing it with nearly impeccable brogue: "Oh, Mavourneen, Mavourneen, I still hear you callin' ..." Henry Roth, Mercy of a Rude Stream, Volume I: A Star Shines Over Mt. Morris Park, 1994
Origin of mavourneen
Mavourneen comes from the Irish expression mo mhuirnín meaning "my darling." It entered English around 1800.