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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Definitions for stemwinder

  1. Older Slang. a. a rousing speech, especially a stirring political address. b. something remarkable of its kind. c. a stirring orator.
  2. a stemwinding watch.

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Citations for stemwinder
Just in case, the old gentleman had a real stem-winder of a speech which he kept in his pocket. And on two occasions in some 25 years, he filled in for the absent speaker. Both times he made so effective a speech that he received a dozen invitations to deliver it to other organizations. Wesley C. Clark, "The care and feeding of a head table," The Rotarian, January 1977
It was a real Cuomo stemwinder of a speech, full of passion, humor, good sense and appeals to emotion and public service. A. M. Rosenthall, "The Replay Button," New York Times, May 14, 1987
Origin of stemwinder
Stemwinder is an Americanism that entered other varieties of English as a term for a keyless pocket watch in the 1870s. Several slang senses conveying superior quality emerged shortly thereafter, reflecting the high regard for this technological innovation among American English speakers.