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Monday, October 17, 2016

Definitions for nudnik

  1. Slang. a persistently dull, boring pest.

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Citations for nudnik
Pinni becomes enraged and says my brother is a nudnik. I agree with Pinni. Even though my brother Elyahu is my own flesh and blood, he's an awful nudnik. Richard Burgin, Conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1985
The writer who writes about himself all the time must become a bore, just like the man who talks all the time about himself. When the writer becomes the center of his attention, he becomes a nudnik. And a nudnik who believes he's profound is even worse than just a plain nudnik. Isaac Bashevis Singer, article by Daniel Fuchs, "A Skeptical Believer," New York Times, October 27, 1985
Origin of nudnik
Nudnik is an Americanism formed from the Yiddish verb nudyen meaning "to bore, pester." Nud- is of Slavic origin: nudny in Polish means "boring"; the Polish verb nudzić means "to bore" and is the source, again through Yiddish, of noodge. It came to English in the mid-1900s.