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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Definitions for infra dig

  1. beneath one's dignity.

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Citations for infra dig
… the man among the holly-bushes had made her see it all so plainly: the ridiculousness of being in love, the infra dig business of chasing a man or being chased by a man. "Is love really so absurd and infra dig?" she said aloud to herself. "Why of course!" came a deep, laughing voice. D. H. Lawrence, "The Last Laugh," The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories, 1928
“I got to be a member of the Society of Architectural historians a while back--but my fellow-members think of me as a 'popularizer,' which means that what I write can be read by non-professionals, too. This is really considered very infra-dig among Architectural Historians.” , "Between the Lines," New York, January 13, 1969
Origin of infra dig
Infra dig is a shortening of the Latin phrase infrā dignitātem, "beneath (one's) dignity." It entered English in the early 1800s.