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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Definitions for pleonasm

  1. the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy.
  2. an instance of this, as free gift or true fact.
  3. a redundant word or expression.

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Citations for pleonasm
As the standard of mentality has risen, just so has the dictum of man gone forth that he must and will do his own thinking. He no longer wishes to have the thought iterated and reiterated and hammered in upon him again and again. Pleonasm is repellent to him. Jack London, "Phenomena of Literary Evolution," The Bookman, Volume XII, September 1900–February 1901
Political speakers, in particular, have always favored pleonasm over conciseness, both on aesthetic grounds, like rhythm and euphony, and out of a congenital dread of the end of a sentence. , "Talk of the Town: Notes and Comment," The New Yorker, September 14, 1968
Origin of pleonasm
Pleonasm stems from the Late Latin noun pleonasmus, from the Greek pleonasmós "superabundance, excess," in rhetoric "pleonasm," from the Greek adjective pleíōn meaning "more." It entered English in the early 1600s.