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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Definitions for equipoise

  1. an equal distribution of weight; even balance; equilibrium.
  2. a counterpoise.
  3. to equal or offset in weight; balance.

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Citations for equipoise
We're neither better nor worse than each other, we're an equipoise in difference--but in difference, mind, not in sameness. D. H. Lawrence, "Education of the People," Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine and Other Essays, 1925
… [The art of true government] is to allow and, indeed, to encourage the development of different interacting and counteracting forces, creating an equipoise with a strength and stability that are otherwise unattainable. Sir Arthur Salter, "Broadening the Foundations of Peace," The Rotarian, February 1937
Origin of equipoise
Equipoise is a shortening of the phrase æquall-poize "equal distribution of weight." Its first element, equi- derives from the Latin adjective aequus "equal"; poise derives from French pois, poise, peis "weight" and finds its source in the Latin verb pendere meaning "to weigh." It entered English in the early 1600s.
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