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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Definitions for savoir-faire

  1. knowledge of just what to do in any situation; tact.

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Citations for savoir-faire
Son of a clerk and grandson of peasants, Ryszard was keenly aware how much deportment and savoir faire figure in the impression one makes on others, and was not about to relax his standards for himself because he had read (all travelers were in agreement about this) that fine manners counted for little in the New World. Susan Sontag, In America, 2000
… a small cluster of people drinking champagne in paper cups, at the poolside of a home in Osborne Estate, chic people, all dripping with savoir faire, each nursing a self-styled quirkiness--a ginger-colored Afro, a T-shirt with a graphic of Thomas Sankara, oversize handmade earrings that hung like pieces of modern art. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, Americanah, 2013
Origin of savoir-faire
Savoir-faire is a French phrase literally meaning "knowing how to do." It entered English in the late 1700s.