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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Definitions for heartsease

  1. peace of mind.
  2. the pansy or other plant of the genus Viola.
  3. the lady's-thumb.

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Citations for heartsease
I admire the physical impact of his The Bassarids, an operatic setting of Euripides' The Bacchae, and would travel any reasonable distance to see it staged, but draw little heartsease from the actual music Henze has contrived to advance the marvelous plot. Alan Rich, So I've Heard: Notes of a Migratory Music Critic, 2006
Never was a man more so, quoth the grocer; so that if you are looking for merriment and hearts-ease, come to the Sugar-loaf, I'm your man … Samuel Jackson Pratt, Liberal Opinions; or the History of Benignus, 1777
Origin of heartsease
late Middle English
Heartsease is formed from the noun heart and the noun ease. It entered English in the late 1300s with the sense of "peace of mind" and acquired its botanical senses in the mid-1500s.