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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Definitions for simonize

  1. to shine or polish to a high sheen, especially with wax: to simonize an automobile.

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Citations for simonize
Let's go wash and simonize the van before we go to the beach. Spalding Gray, Impossible Vacation, 1992
On Saturdays he'd wash it and simonize it, and if it wasn't raining they'd all go on the ride around town that always seemed triumphal, as though their father had just conquered the town, or become king. Thomas Williams, Whipple's Castle, 1968
Origin of simonize
The automobile polish Simoniz was named after George Simons, who invented a carnauba wax product for automobile finishes and floors and was one of the cofounders of The Simoniz Company in 1910. The word entered English in the mid-1930s.