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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Definitions for sociolect

  1. a variety of a language used by a particular social group; a social dialect.

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Citations for sociolect
Embodied in his writing are the accents of workers' sociolects as well as echoes from past utterances and the legacy of popular culture. Douglas Wixon, introduction to The Disinherited: A Novel of the 1930s, by Jack Conroy, 1991
The principal advantage of a sociolect ... is obviously the security it affords: like any closure, that of a language exalts, reassures all the subjects inside, rejects and offends those outside. Roland Barthes, The Rustle of Language, translated by Richard Howard, 1986
Origin of sociolect
Sociolect, a technical term in sociolinguistics, deals with the speech of a specific social group or social class, such as teenagers or college students or bikers. Sociolect occupies the middle ground between dialect, the speech of a particular geographical area, especially as that variety of speech differs from a standard; and idiolect, which studies the speech and speech habits of a particular person. The word was coined and defined by the sociolinguist Mervyn Alleyne in 1963.