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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Definitions for mythopoeic

  1. of or relating to the making of myths; causing, producing, or giving rise to myths.

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Citations for mythopoeic
Mythopoeic literature may be difficult to write, but it is not impossible. Spenser often does it successfully, Shakespeare does it in The Winter's Tale and The Tempest, George Macdonald can sometimes do it. Gwen Watkins, Dickens in Search of Himself, 1987
The experience of driving a car has been the mythopoeic heart of America for half a century. Robert Moor, "What Happens to American Myth When You Take the Driver Out of It?" New York, October 16, 2016
Origin of mythopoeic
Mythopoeic entered English in the mid-1800s from Greek mȳthopoiós meaning “making tales.”