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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Definitions for plonk

  1. Chiefly British. inferior or cheap wine.

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Citations for plonk
The other customers ... were taking up their water glasses or flinging their wineglasses free of the cheap house plonk and refilling them from water pitchers sitting at the waiters' stations. Martha Grimes, The Way of All Fish, 2014
In the evenings, bone-weary and content, she would take her glass of plonk ... out onto the patio and collapse into a deeply uncomfortable old specimen of lawn furniture. Lauren Willig, That Summer, 2014
Origin of plonk
Plonk originated among Australian soldiers in France during World War I and now is chiefly British. As with many slang terms, its etymology is obscure: it may be an Australian pronunciation of French (vin) blanc meaning “white (wine)” or of an earlier plink-plonk or plinkety-plonk, which may also be alterations of the French phrase. The printed word entered English in the 1920s.
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