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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Definitions for sockeroo

  1. Slang. a notable success: Her performance was a sockeroo.

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Citations for sockeroo
He was more than a success: he was a smash hit, humdinger, whamo and sockeroo. Edmund Cooper, "The Life and Death of Plunky Goo," Jupiter Laughs, 1979
The network debut was, as Variety headlined it, "a Sockeroo." Richard Stern, Golk, 1960
Origin of sockeroo
Many informal and slang terms have difficult etymologies. Sockeroo, for instance, is probably a combination of the noun sock, "a hit, blow" and the humorous suffix -eroo. Other authorities say that sockeroo is a combination of socker “one that socks, hits hard,” which is plausible, but it leaves -oo unexplained. The word entered English in the early 1940s.